Food safety, GMP+ and GDP

Food safety, GMP+ and GDP 

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Already before the HACCP legislation came into force in 1993, we were active in this field. We still are. We developed and expanded our services with ‘good distribution practices’ for the pharmaceutical companies and animal feed safety schemes (GMP+). We offer special 'in company' HACCP and GDP training. 

We provide advice concerning food safety management systems to our clients. Although the European legislation which is transferred to national legislation, only requires companies in the food chain to implement a HACCP system, most companies choose for a management system that can be certified. The obtained certificate is used towards customers to show that food safety is controlled.

Several standards are available. The use is dependant on the type of activities and the specific requirements of our clients' customers. Several standards differ only on details, such as the Dutch HACCP standard, the ISO 22000, the IFS/ILS and the FS 22000. We implemented following standards:

  • Requirements for a HACCP based food safety management system: option A management system certification (Dutch standard)
  • Requirements for a HACCP based food safety management system: option B process/product certification (Dutch standard)
  • Hygiene code Transport and Logistics
  • ISO 22.000 standard for food safety management systems
  • FS 22.000 standard for food safety management systems (specificly meant for manufactorers)
  • PAS 220 (standard for a pre requisite program)
  • BRC Storage & Distribution
  • BRC Packaging and Packaging materials
  • BRC Food
  • IFS
  • ILS (IFS for logistics service providers)
  • SKAL (biological production)

In the field of animal feed safety applies is the international reckognised GMP+ system (developed by the Dutch Productschap voor Diervoerders). In this area we are active in supporting our client by the development and implementation of standard B03, B04 and B05 for storage, trade and transport.

In strong realtion with food safety principles, in the pharmaceutical industrie Good Manufacturing Pracitices principles are developed. GMP goes beyond the requirements of food and feed safety. We mainly focus on Good Distribution Practices and provide advice and specific training to our clients.