About us

About us 

 SCT Adviesdiensten B.V.

SCT Adviesdiensten B.V. is a specialised partner for safety and quality. Initially we were founded by the employers organisation Transport & Logsitek Nederland. In 1994 a management buy out took place. Since then we professionalised our services and expanded our activities in the sectors chemical industry, construction and waste management.


We strive to be the best possible safety and quality partner for our clients and to provide added value.

We operate independantly and we specialise in a restricted number of services and sectors. We believe that our ambitions should exceed our client's ambition level. We act in the believe that we continuously should educate ourselves and we strive towards long lasting relationships with our customers. We provide services with well qualified consultants and networkpartners. We introduce innovative concepts which we apply in a pragmatic and effective way. We aim on increasing knowledge and skills at our clients, to enable them to act independently from our assistance in to long run. Customer believe that our relations will hold because of our quality, innovation and results.


The management of SCT Adviesdiensten is in the hands of Igor Bots en Mark Gijtenbeek, both owner of the company.

We employ well qualified consltants and frequently use consultants of our extensive network which we developed over the years.

With enthousiasm we work together with our clients in a pragmatic manner to achieve improvements on safety and quality processes and -performances.